Business Consulting

We identify and understand critical aspects of each process from a business and consumer point of view. Critical associated business processes are also considered. We then prioritize key processes on the basis of their nature and potential to improve, followed by an analysis of the process, which identifies gaps between the ‘as is’ process and the ‘real process’. The process is then redesigned and improvements are implemented accordingly. Finally, we monitor the performance of the new processes to ensure their smooth functioning in line with organizational requirements.

An indicative list of services, we offer you, while being your consulting partner, are:

01 Strategic Consulting: Our business consultants bring in proven methodologies, industry specific process flow maps, a host of tools and accelerators to quickly scrutinize your existing processes and suggest improvements guaranteeing an upfront performance enhancement.

02 Feasibility Study and Solution Assessment: Understanding that every business poses a unique set of requirements, our consultants conduct a regimented product evaluation study interviewing key user communities and keeping in view the future requirements while ensuring minimum extension / modification to SAP; we define business cases, carry out TCO calculations, chalk out training schedules, facilitate change management, define risk and mitigation plan, cutover strategies etc.